L Pod Resident Orcas off Tofino

L Pod was reported travelling South off Blunden Island around 2:15 pm today (June 1, 2015). They were off Wilf Rocks an hour later. Around 4:15 pm they were off Frank Island. When we caught up to them just after 5, they were past Cox Point. Despite their fast travel they were having a blast in the chop and were breaching, spyhopping, tail lobbing and cartwheeling.

L121 was sighted and was even seen in the care of L41, Mega. Also identified with the pod was L25, the presumed mother of Lolita, who is in the Miami Seaquarium.

We left the pod as they reached Long Beach, around 6:20pm.

DSC_0151 (2)

DSC_0382 (2)

DSC_0747 (2)

DSC_0767 (2)



Despite the chop and sprinkle of rain, Len and I, and our three guests, were as happy as can be!


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