Back on the Water with a BANG!

After a few issues, the Sweet Marie is back up and running and has been doing near daily Hotsprings Cove trips for local residents. We understand what living in a remote area without boat access is like so we want to do what we can to make travel more accessible for residents of Hotsprings Cove.

Yesterday, Lennie’s 9 am HSC trip found orcas right at Sharp Point. They were hunting for seals in the large ocean swells. On Lennie’s later trip the group was still around, having only traveled ~5km to Starling Point. He quickly came back to pick up myself and some friends and we headed back out to find them.

For the next 2 hours we traveled with the pod as they hunted, fed, investigated our boat and traveled south again. The individuals we traveled with were T12 – Nitinat and T41, T41A and T41A1. There were several other individuals, including a young calf, with the group while they were feeding, but they traveled on the other side of the channel and we only rejoined them at Hayden Passage as light was fading.

It’s only February and we have kicked off with a fantastic orca sighting! Who knows what this year holds for us!


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