Whale Watching – March 18, 2016

We received a call from a local water taxi company that orcas were near Ahousaht. I was painting at the time when Lennie told me and I put down my brush – “Can we go?”

“Nah we can’t be wasting fuel on things like this any more”. He closed the door…. 1….2….3…  “Are you ready to go yet?” He asked with a chuckle. Lennies a jokester like that.

2 min later and we were running down the road. We made one stop to bang on a co-worker of mine’s door to see if they wanted to come too – No answer.

To the dock we went and headed out to find the whales. We joined up with the T11s north of Catface Rocks and followed them out around Monks Island and back in towards Hippie Point and Bedwell Sound.

They were switching between fast travel, long dive patterns, short dives and spreading out to hunt. It wasn’t long after they entered Bedwell Sound that they killed and ate a porpoise! The light was quickly fading though and we left them heading towards Rand Point, further into Bedwell Sound.


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