Transients in Sydney Inlet

Jan. 6, 2018

Just because it’s winter, our “slow” season, doesn’t mean the waters of Clayoquot Sound are any less exciting. If anything, it’s more of an adventure and with fewer boats and travellers on the water, the experiences become even more magical and special, witnessed by just a very few lucky individuals.

This group of transients was made up of about 3 different pods. There were 16 whales altogether! We call large groups like this a “T-Party”! It was a magical cruise up and down Sydney Inlet as we followed the groups, likely scouting for seals or porpoise to munch on for lunch. The glassy conditions meant the water’s surface tension created a bubble over the whale’s heads when they surfaced and I finally got some spectacular photos I have been dreaming of for years!

Scroll down to see all the pics and check out the little calf featured in the last few shots!


~Every Day is a New Adventure~


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